Saturday, June 3, 2017

Getting to Tuscany by Bus, Tram or Car

There are multiple ways to get to Tuscany. You can arrive by plane, train or automobile.

By Bus

You will need a 'Biglietti,' which means a ticket in Italian before you get on the bus. The buses in Tuscany are really nice and the seats are cozy. Another added bonus, you get to watch the beautiful Italian scenery drift by the window en route.

Italian Bus

To travel on the tram of Florence you must use Ataf and Linea travel titles. Both tickets can be purchased in the manner specified by Ataf and Linea, are valid within the limits of their duration. Tickets are not available onboard the tramway but can be purchased at each stop using the automatic ticket offices on every quay.

No Car Needed in Florence

If you're planning on only visiting Florence, a car will not be needed. If you wish to visit towns and villages beyond the most popular destinations of Florence, Pisa, and Siena, then a car is almost a necessity. The Chianti hills, the Val d'Orcia, Maremma, Casentino, and hilltop villages in these areas in Tuscany are almost impossible to visit depending solely on public transportation.

The streets are Narrow in Florence

Tuscany By Car

A rental car is an extremely useful and practical solution to visit all of Tuscany. Practical because many car rental offices being in or near the main airports and train stations so that you can pick up your rental as soon as you arrive in Tuscany.

Cars in Tuscany

If you want to stay in the countryside or are planning to visit the beautiful smaller villages spread throughout Tuscany, renting a car is actually the best solution. It will offer independence from the fixed bus and train schedules as well as from the random transportation strikes that tend to occur in Italy. You will be able to move from one place to the next at your leisure.

  • Hertz
  • Thrifty

In Italian, "carburante" and "benzina" are both generic words for gasoline/petrol. But diesel is diesel in Italian as well, so PAY ATTENTION and know what kind of car you're renting so that you put the right type in the car.

What You Need to Rent a Car

Renting a car in Tuscany is extremely simple since you can reserve your rental car online before you head to Tuscany.

  • A credit card is required for the reservation
  • Non-European Union citizens will need, in addition to their driver's license, an International
  • Driver's Permit/License along with your license to be able to drive in Italy. So make sure you've got your documents in order before departing.