Getting to Tuscany by Air

There are multiple ways to get to Tuscany. You can arrive by air, train, tram or automobile. Most airlines have regular flights to Rome or Milan. Some have direct flights to Venice (Delta).

One little-known fact is that some airlines have seasonal non-stop flights to Pisa if you are heading to Tuscany. It might be worth checking out since it is a short train ride from Florence, and the prices are usually more economical. Most other cities in Italy do not have intercontinental airports. For example, to fly into Florence, you must first stop in some other European city.

Fly into Florence

Most people fly into Florence. The Florence airport (FLR) Aeroporto di Firence Peretoloa (in Florence), formally known as the Amerigo Vespucci Airport, is located on the northwest outskirts of Florence, just 4 km from the city center. The airport can be reached from the center of Florence by bus, car or taxi.

Aerporto di Firenze Perterola

If the weather is bad, you may be rerouted to another local airport and bused back to Florence. Airports close by include:

- Pisa International Airport (1 hr from Florence)
- Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (1.5 hrs from Florence)

Fly into Pisa

The Pisa Airport is the second airport in Tuscany, and from some destinations, it might make more sense to fly there and then get yourself over to Florence.

The new Pisa Mover shuttle connects Pisa Airport to the Pisa Centrale main train station throughout the day, and from there, you can take the train to Florence's SMN train station and be in Florence in about an hour.

Bus charter companies also offer service directly from the airport to the SMN train station in Florence. Some buses continue to the Florence Airport after that (in case you are interested in getting to the Florence airport).

- Pisa International Airport (1 hr from Florence)

Fly into Rome

Or you can arrive at the Rome Airport and travel to Tuscany by train.

- Rome Airport, Fiumicino - Leonardo da Vinci airport

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